Looking Back at 2016

Here are our sixteen most-read interviews of 2016.

Cam Awkward-Rich Transit

Cameron Awkward-Rich

“it was a strange, unsettling time where all of the usual contradictions of being a person in the world felt more palpable & the chapbook is about that feeling.”

Transit (Button Poetry, 2015)


drea brown

drea brown

“I wanted the pieces to ebb and flow, to crash against each other, to speak to Phillis and for those whose names we do not know.”

dear girl: a reckoning (Gold Line Press, 2015)



Franny Choi

I love having a ten-minute time limit to begin creating something; I think my brain works best when it’s fighting against a restriction.”

Floating, Brilliant, Gone (Write Bloody Publishing, 2014)



Tiana Clark

“This question, ‘What is left whispering in us once we have stopped trying to become the other,’ is at the seam of every poem.”

Equilibrium (Bull City Press, 2016)



Safia Elhillo

“I was having a recurring dream featuring the musician Prince and he and I talked about the chapbook a lot in the dreams.”

Asmarani (Akashic Books/ African Poetry Book Fund, 2016)


235Gist_Wendy_COVWendy Gist

“The otherworldly light and low-slung sky gets my creative fire burning like no other place. There’s a dreaminess to New Mexico.”

Moods of the Dream Fog (Finishing Line Press, 2016)



Scott Honeycutt

“Sometimes there’s just a word or an impression that I collect, hoping to use it at a later time.”

This Diet of Flesh (Finishing Line Press, 2016)


toxic city

Janice Lobo Sapigao

“I feel that I know of the parts, wholes, and holes of a collection as I write, and I write to figure out how the poems belong.”

toxic city (Tinder Tender Press, 2015)


rude girl

Melissa Lozada-­Oliva

“The chapbook lets me be emotional & rude while still being a beautiful product.”

rude girl is lonely girl! (Pizza Pi Press, 2016)



Ashaki M. Jackson

“My work reverses the lens —it watches the witnesses, the YouTube viewers, and God while critiquing the practice of trialing civilians by gunfire.”

Surveillance (Writ Large Press, 2016)


Anna Kovatcheva

“Like children’s stories the world over, the ones I grew up hearing also often had lessons to teach about how good girls should behave–that they should be self-sacrificing, clean, subservient.”

The White Swallow (Gold Line Press, 2015)


Ciara Miller

Ciara Miller

“My notebooks look like pure madness.”

Silver Bullet (Mindmade Books, 2015)



Kate Peterson

Grist deals a lot with how to make sense of the body in disruption.”

Grist (Floating Bridge Press, 2016)


Lisa R.

Lisa Richards

“Everything that you do is connected at the soul level.”

Their Sobering Suicides (Finishing Line Press, 2016)


Ross, Figuring

Anna Ross

“Giving myself time to write is almost as much of a discipline as the writing itself.”

Figuring (Bull City Press, 2016)


watson   blue-tarp

Rachel Joy Watson

“Poems usually have to push through the busyness, but I’ve learned to stop what I’m doing and write them down when they arrive.”

Blue Tarp (Finishing Line Press, 2016)

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